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Projects and tasks:

You can add projects and tasks, add users from the organization to projects containing multiple tasks, and assign them to those tasks. Users can assign tasks to other users and attach documents to each task.

Projects - Qoyod

Add a new project by following these steps:

  1. From the main drop-down list, choose Tasks and Projects.

  2. Click on “Projects” to go to the projects page, or the “+” sign to go directly to add a new project.

  3. The projects page appears, including the projects that have been added.

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  1. By clicking on Add Project at the top left of the page, you will be taken to the Add a New Project page.

Projects - Qoyod

  1. The following data is entered to add a new project:

Projects - Qoyod

  • The reference number is automatically shown as a sequential number and can be changed.

  • Write the name of the task. Write a description of the project.

  • Determine the end date. Privacy Define the project’s privacy status for specific users or the project can be viewed by all users.

  • Add Users A user is selected for the project so that only the selected user can view it.

  • Add project-specific attachments such as the contract.

The “Project” page includes the following:

By clicking on “View” in front of each project, you will be automatically directed to the project page which shows two parts as follows: 

Part One: The Dashboard consists of four sections:

  • Project name: This displays the project’s progress in addition to other data that show the project details.

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  • Financials:
1- Profit and loss.

Projects - Qoyod

2- Balance sheet:

Projects - Qoyod

3- Commercial documents.

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– The commercial document of the project can be added:

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And you can review the receipt or delete it after linking it to the project.

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  • Activities:

All operations related to the project are shown with the ability to make a comment for one of the users by clicking on the + icon and then e-mailing the user, and attaching the necessary documents.

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Part Two: Tasks which include a task list for the project.

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To-do list on each project page: 

  • Lists can be added as required by the project, and their order can be changed by dragging and dropping the task.

Projects - Qoyod

Projects - Qoyod

  • After completing the task, the card is moved to the next list. 

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  • The color of the date changes automatically- depending on when the task is due- to green, yellow, and red.

Determining invoices within a specific project: 

To access invoices for a project: 

  • Select “Projects” from the “Projects And Tasks” dropdown list.

  • Click on “View” beside the desired project.

  • Click on “Commercial Documents” from the “Financials” section.

  • Select the invoice and click on “View” and you will be automatically directed to the invoice page.

  • Determine the project to which the invoice belongs from the “Additional Information” below each invoice.

Projects - Qoyod

Projects - Qoyod

Managing users in the project:

Adding/removing users from the project:

  • Select “Projects” from the “Projects And Tasks” dropdown list.

  • Click on “View” beside the desired project. By clicking on “Add Users” on each project, users can be added/removed.

Projects - Qoyod

Deleting a specific project:
  • It should be archived first by clicking on “Archive” beside the desired project.

  • From the list of “Archived Projects” at the top of the page, the project can be deleted by clicking on “Delete” beside the desired project.


Thus, we have completed the steps of adding, editing and deleting projects. You can follow the same previous steps to add new projects.


  • When a new task is added, select the project to which the task belongs. 

  • To close a previous task, click on “Edit”, then change the status to “Closed” and click on “Continue”.

  • The tasks are for one project only, and you can copy them so that they will be numbered and included in the project.

  • The task may be independent or it may belong to a project.

  • All tasks can be added without selecting users in case you want to add them later.

  • Attachments can be added to tasks and projects.

  • It is possible to copy tasks.

  • It is not possible to print tasks.