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When are productions used? 

Productions are used to add a new order to make and prepare a new recipe, according to the quantities expected to be sold during a certain period of time. The production process is created periodically in the event that the specified period and quantities expire.

What does it take to create productions?

Before you create productions, you need to do the following: 

1- Add the product / raw material.

2- Add the recipe based on the previous product / raw material. 

3- Create a bill for the products and raw materials involved in preparing the recipe, and the recipe itself cannot be purchased. 

4- Add a new production.

5- Add a sale invoice. 

How to add a new production:

1- Adding a production:

From the drop-down list of “Products” click on the (+) sign in front of “Productions”, and you will be automatically directed to the “New Production” main page.

Productions - Qoyod 

2- Click on “New Production” at the top right of the page. 

Productions - Qoyod

3- Fill in the following data:

1- “Date”

2- “Description”, if any.

3- “Location”. After selecting the location, the “Add More” icon will appear and you will be able to display all the products in the specified warehouse.

4- Select the “Product” and “Quantity” to be produced for each product. You must confirm, in advance, that the quantities necessary to manufacture a single recipe are available. When sufficient quantities are not available for all components of the recipe, then additional quantities must be purchased prior to the production process.

5- Select the “Temporary Manufacturing Account” such as “Inventory in Progress”, which should be created previously in the “Chart of Accounts”. If the process is “initiated” and has not yet been completed, it will appear in the “Inventory in Progress” account. 

6- Then, you can complete the process.

7- Add attachments. 

Productions - Qoyod

8- By clicking on “Start and Complete”, the process of adding the new production will take place and this will be reflected on the inventory account which includes raw materials and products.