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What is the purpose of payslips, how to access them, and what are their components?

Payslips are used to display the employees’ financial data before payment. They include ID, month, and accruals (such as Basic Salary, Allowances, and Bonuses), and Deductions (such as loans, absences, Employees, or lost time and savings). Through the “Payroll” drop-down list, select “Payroll Runs”.

And then select “Payslips” from the top of the page as shown in the image below:

And you will see the payslips after adding the employees and their data. Once a new salary run is created for the employee as explained previously, the content of the payslip will be displayed for each employee and can also be downloaded as a PDF file as in the image below:

Employees’ payslips are displayed along with a review of their earnings and deductions according to the input. By clicking on “View”, the name, financial data and the period of the payslip will appear as in the image below:

You can, also, view the payslips through the “Employees” page by clicking on the “View” icon beside each employee. Otherwise, you can view them on the employee receipts page by clicking on the name of the reference.



Another way is to go to “Reports” and then select the “Employee Account Statement”, which displays the employee’s movements or the receipt contents of loans, earnings and other expenses on the employee.



Thus, you have completed the steps of reviewing the employees’ payslips, and you can follow the same steps to follow up on the employees’ payslips.