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New Quotations

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A quotation is a document that you provide to your customer in which there are approximate prices and certain terms and conditions between you and the customer. After the customer accepts the offer, you can convert it into an invoice with the click of a button and continue with the steps of sending the invoice and following up on the customer’s payments.

To create a new quote, follow the following steps:

1. Go to “Quotations” from the “Sales” dropdown menu, and click on the (+) sign.

New Quotations - Qoyod

2. Select the customer to which you want to send the quotation and enter the issue and expiry dates.

New Quotations - Qoyod

3.Choose the service or product and set your price.

New Quotations - Qoyod

4.You can add terms and conditions to the quotation as well as any notes you want to be displayed when you add a new quote. You can also unify the terms and conditions of quotations, through “Quotes Settings” in the “General Settings”

New Quotations - Qoyod

5.You can also add the attachments you need.

New Quotations - Qoyod

6.Additional information: You can specify the project to which the quotation belongs or specify the “Custom fields” associated with the billing service and quotations. For an explanation of “Custom fields”, visit link

New Quotations - Qoyod

By clicking on “Save and Approve”, the process of creating a quotation will be completed.

After saving your quote, you will see the “Quotations” page which consists of three parts:
  • The graph classifies the quotations by status (sent, invoiced, approved, draft).

New Quotations - Qoyod

  • The search fields shown under the graph can be used to search for quote numbers and classify the quotations according to the criteria shown.

New Quotations - Qoyod

  • Below the search fields, you will find the list of all your quotations.

New Quotations - Qoyod

After you create a new quotation, you can send it to the customer’s email via the “Action” icon

New Quotations - Qoyod

View: For details of the quotation.

Print: To print a price quote.

Download PDF: To download the file in PDF format

Clone: To copy the quotation

Send: To send the quotation to the customer’s email.

Convert Invoice: To convert the quotation into an invoice after the customer approves it.

Edit: To edit the quotation.

Cancel: To cancel the quotation, as the accounts are not affected by canceling the quotation as long as it is not converted into an invoice and is saved as “Canceled”

Delete: To delete a quotation from the quotations list.

After converting the quotation into an invoice, you can proceed with the execution of operations with the same steps (invoices and receiving payments from customers)