How to use POS

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  • Qoyod POS is available for Android versions for 7 and after.
  • The application can be used offline but it requires an online synchronization in advance until all data appears.

How to use Qoyod POS:

1- Sign in by using your username& Password in Qoyod if you are a POS user.

2- Choose the organization if you have multiple organizations.

3- In the first time the application will require a 4-digit PIN to use in the signing in.

4- there are 3 main pages in the application: Invoices, New Invoice and settings.

A- Invoices:

The Invoices pages shows a list of POS invoices for the authorized location for the user only.

You can search with the invoice number by using the POS number, Invoice number, client name and the product from search in the top of the page.

You can filter the invoices by: (Paid, partially paid and unpaid)

The “preview” icon allows you to find the reference number, issuance date, client name, client number, product list in the invoice, total amount before VAT, VAT and finally the total amount after VAT.

B- New invoice:

In the new invoice page, it will show all the products and categories which have been added to your organization, and you can see the product quantities based on the chosen location since the quantities differ from a location to another. 

You can filter your products based on the categories, and search for the product by name, barcode & serial number.

As well as you can choose the product by the barcode scanner by the camera or barcode reader.

To add a new invoice: you can choose a product or more by clicking on the product one time only so you can move to the cart.

To edit the product quantity, click on the product twice.


All the products will be shown in cart, it allows you to change the product quantity and the price, also you can change the VAT and the discount for authorized users only.

After that, the user can pay the invoice directly or later.

The user can choose the client or add a new client, and can search the client by name or contact number.

  • To add a new client:

The accounts shown in the payment page so you can determine the amount paid and allow the partial payment.

It shows to users the invoice details like the paid amount, the balance and the total amount and the changes.

After confirming the payment, it will create a paid invoice and print the slip if the printer is connected.

C- Settings:

The user can do the below from setting page:

  • Sign out.
  • Sync the data and update.
  • Connect the printer from devices settings.
  • Reset the PIN.
  • The conversation icon to contact with Qoyod customer support.

Devices supported by Qoyod POS:

  • Printers: 

EPSON TM-M30, connected by Ethernet.

  • Devices:

sunmi T mini, sunmi T tower, sunmi V2 Pro


Changes in Qoyod to support Qoyod POS in the new version:

The super admin or another user has the authorization can do the below:


Choose the POS client from client page, since the clients who haven’t chosen as a POS client will not appear in the application


You can determine the below from users settings:

  • The allowed payable accounts to users.
  • The maximum discount percentage he can give to clients in POS.
  • The location which the user can work on.
  • Change the users PIN.
  • allow/deny the changing of the product price or the VAT for POS users from “modify tax and unit price” in users authorities.


  • POS Receipt settings:
  • Choose the language.
  • The receipt header and the footer.