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Hiring Accountants

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Hiring Accountants


QoyodK service connects you with offices providing financial and accounting services, where owners of organizations can request “Set Up Service” or “Training Service”.

Services provided by financial and accounting offices:

1- Set-Up Service

This service allows you to set up and prepare the right accounting guide for your organization in a four-hour visit so that you can use Qoyod directly and benefit from all the smart features it provides.


2- Training service

This service allows you to fully train your employees on Qoyod in a four-hour visit, so that you can use all the features of the system with high efficiency and professionalism.


How to order accountants:

1- Contact the Customer Relations Team through live chat who will send you a set of questions.

2- After answering the questions, the Accountants’ Team will determine the appropriate service provider and send you a quotation.

3- After you approve the quotation, you need to transfer the amount and send the transfer receipt to the Customer Relations Team through live chat. 

4- After that, the service provider will contact you.


Service value:

The cost of one service is 500 riyals, tax-exclusive.