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Employees Salary Report

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Employees Salary Report 

It is a report that shows the value of each employee’s salary during the required period and identifies the department in which the employee works.


To access the employee salary report, click on “Reports”,

Employees Salary Report - Qoyod

then click on “Employee Salary Report” to view the list of employees with paid salaries and many other options for analyzing the report as shown in the image below:

First: Date

To analyze the report based on the date by specifying a period of time to see the salaries of employees during this period.


Second: Department

To choose a specific department to view the salaries for that department only, such as the employees of the sales department or the accounting department and other departments added to your organization.


Third: Payment status

To analyze the report by using the amount of the payment where you have two options. You can search for the “Net Pay” of the employee or for the “Basic And Benefits”.

Employees Salary Report - Qoyod

You can, also, download the employee salary report in Excel format and print it by clicking on “Download” at the bottom of the page.