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Editing Profile:

From the “Settings” dropdown menu, select “Edit Profile”.

Edit Profile - Qoyod

On the “Edit Profile” page, you can view the following information:

Notice: The e-mail address cannot be modified by the user and a technical request must be submitted for Qoyod to be changed.

You can also change the password from “Edit Profile”.

Email settings:

By adjusting the options below, you can control the e-mail notifications you receive.

Edit Profile - Qoyod

Two-Step Verification:

With Two-Step Verification (also known as “two-factor authentication”), a higher level of account security can be provided in the event your password is stolen.


After setting up Two-Step Verification, you need to sign in to your account in 2 steps using:

–       A password

–       A tool you own, like your phone

To activate Two-Step Verification:

Edit Profile - Qoyod

1- Scan the QR code using one of the following applications:

-Google Authenticator.


Or through the application, by typing in the red code manually.


2- Confirm the Two-Step Verification code:

Save your password as well as the code generated by the application- that is available for a specified period of time- to activate the Two-Step Verification feature in your account in Qoyod.