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Delete/ Edit/ Copy/ View/ products

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How to delete, edit, copy, view a product or service:

You can edit, delete and view products and services after adding them as follows:

1- From the drop-down list of “Products” select “Products” and you will be automatically directed to the “Products” page.

Delete/ Edit/ Copy/ View/ products - Qoyod

2- On the “Products” page, you will find a list of all previously entered products. Under the “Actions” column, you will find a group of icons at the rightmost of the product field.

Delete/ Edit/ Copy/ View/ products - Qoyod

  • View: To view product/service details and recent transactions related to them.

  • Edit: To edit product/service details.

  • Clone: To copy the product to add it with the same details.

  • Delete: To delete the product/service permanently.

Notice: To delete a product/service, all invoices/bills and production orders added to the same product/service must be deleted.