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Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the most important reports in the form of graphs that include the status of customers invoices and vendors bills whether due, paid, or even raised, which are unpaid and which due date has not yet arrived. It, also, includes your monthly business “Revenue and Expense”, and the “Activity Log”, which shows the activity of each user who has access and the operations that he has performed.


Contents of Dashboard 

Payments Snapshots:

The “Payments Snapshots” graphic below shows your current “Outstanding” payments by customers and vendors. The black portion shows “Overdue Amounts” from the total amounts. You can also know the status of your current bills and the “Outstanding Amounts”, which are the amounts expected to be paid.

You can click on “Outstanding” or “Overdue” to know the details of these amounts.

Revenue and Expense

The graph shows you the total revenues and expenses for each month, and when you place the cursor on the required month, the number will appear. You can also display “Expense” only or “Revenue” only separately, by clicking on “Revenue” or “Expense” at the bottom of the graph. More: Revenues and expenses account statement

Customers and Vendors

The customers and vendors graph shows you the status of your invoices and bills and their details in terms of: their number, due amounts, and overdue bills/invoices.

It also shows you the “Top five customers with outstanding payments” and the “Top five vendors with outstanding payments”. For more details about each customer/vendor, you can click on the customer’s/vendor’s name.

Activity Log

The “Activity Log” shows details of the last activity performed by each user.