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Custom Fields

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Custom Fields:

Due to the differences among organizations in managing their businesses and the different need for data, Custom Fields enable you to customize the Qoyod Program according to your needs to collect data and analyze revenues and costs, so that you can add up to five additional fields specific to your organization for each of the following sections:

  • Customers 

  • Vendors

  • Manual Journal Entries

  • Products 

  • Invoices and Quotations 

  • Orders and Bills 

There are multiple uses of additional fields for the different facilities as follows: 

1- Can be dealt with as cost centers.

2- To determine the location of the product in a section of the store.

3- To know the sales of each representative.

4- To compare the profitability of projects or branches.

By following the following steps, you will be able to add an additional Custom:

1- From the Settings drop-down menu, choose Custom Fields.

Custom Fields - Qoyod

2- You can add a Custom Field from the Custom Field page, by following the steps below:

– Choose the service for which you want to add a field.
– Select the type of field, as Qoyod will verify that the entered data matches if one of the organization personnel used it.

– Enter the name of the field you want to add.

– To add new additional fields, press the (+) sign

Custom Fields - Qoyod

Custom Fields - Qoyod

3- By clicking on ‘Save’, the new field will be added.


Configuring Custom Fields for POS users:

For more information about configuring Custom Fields for POS users, visit the following link here.


You can analyze the financial statements through the Custom Fields of the “Advanced Analysis” feature, which are explained in detail in the following links:

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