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Creating a New Bill

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What are bills and why are they important?

The bill is a commercial document issued by the seller to the buyer, indicating the product, quantity, and the agreed price of the products or services that the seller has provided to the buyer. It also indicates that the buyer must pay the seller a specified amount according to the terms of payment and within a certain period of time.

Creating Bills

You can create a bill by clicking on the (+) sign beside “Bills” on the “Purchases” dropdown list. 

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

Then you will be redirected automatically to the “New Bill” page where you can:

  • Type in the “Reference” number for the bill and the “Bill Description” if you like.

  • Select the “Vendor” if it already exists, or by adding a new one by clicking on (+) at the left of the field and entering all the data needed.

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

  • Select the “Issue Date” and “Due Date” of the bill. 

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

You can edit the payment terms. To find out how, please click on (Modify Payment Terms)

  • Select the “Location” from where products will be purchased / received

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

  • Select the “Product” or service and specify the “Quantity”. You can, also, change the “Price” if you want to.

  • You can choose the product or service and specify the quantity sold. You can, also, edit the product price directly from the bill in case that the price is not fixed or varies from one vendor to another. In addition, you can select the VAT in case the product or commodity is subject to it. 

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

  • You can type in your own “Terms and Conditions” and “Notes”. You can also unify these terms and conditions for all bills through “Bills Settings” on the “General Settings” page and by visiting the following link: Bills Settings

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

  • You can pay the “Bill” through the “Receipts” field at the bottom of the form, which allows creating a “New Receipt” or “Use Old Receipt”. For more information, visit “link”.

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

To deduct the remainder of the bill to reduce the vendor’s entitlement: 

You can add an earned discount account to the “Chart of Accounts” with the type of “Revenue” and make it payable and collectible.

Upon payment, select the account: Discount permitted. 

To see how to add an account in the chart of accounts

  • You can add “Attachments” to the bill. 

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

  • To link the bill to a project or to custom fields as cost centers, you can fill in the “Additional Information”.

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

For more information about custom fields, visit “Link”

  • Finally, click on “Save and Approve” or “Save As Draft” to be able to edit the bill at a later time.

Notice: You cannot edit the bill after clicking “Save and Approve”. Rather, you can copy it and delete the previous one.

After saving the bill, you will be automatically directed to the “Bill” page.

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

The “Bill” page consists of three parts:

  • The graph; classifying bills according to their status (Partially Paid, Draft, Approved … etc.)

  • Through the search fields located under the graph, you can search and classify the bills according to the given criteria.

  • You can see the bills list below the search fields

Bills “Action”

Creating a New Bill - Qoyod

View: To view the bill 

Print: To print the bill

Download PDF: To download the bill as a PDF document

Payment: To pay the bill either by creating a “New Receipt” or “Use Old Receipt”

Clone: To copy the bill with the same details

Delete: To delete the bill “if it is not linked to a receipt”

Can I edit the invoice after approval?

You cannot edit the bill after approval, but you can click on the “Clone” icon to copy it with all its details including the serial number of the bill to be modified. After that, you can place it in the new bill and edit the “Quantity” or “Price”. Before saving the new bill, the old bill to be modified is to be deleted. Then, you can save the new one.