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Collecting Payments

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Collecting payment from a customer:

You can collect a new payment from a customer by clicking on “Invoices” from the “Sales” dropdown menu.

Collecting Payments - Qoyod

From the relevant invoice “Action”, click on “Payment”.

Collecting Payments - Qoyod

You will then be directed to a page for collecting the payment, where you can fill in the fields as follows:

Collecting Payments - Qoyod

  • Reference Number: It is a unique serial number for payment archiving, which is made up of letters and numbers. 

  • Contact Name: Which is the customer from whom the payment was received

  • Account: Which is the account affected by the payment. For example, if the customer pays in cash, the affected account here is “Cash on Hand”. On the other hand, if the customer transfers the amount, the account affected here is “Bank Current Account”.

  • Description: You can add the reference number such as the transfer number.

  • Date: Which is the date of receiving the payment.

  • Amount: Which is the amount received from the process and not necessarily the full amount of the invoice (partially paid). 

  • Outstanding Balance: Which is the invoice amount minus the amount received.

Then you can save the entered information through the “Save” icon. Then, you will be directed to the “Invoice” page.

In the event that part of the amount due – and not the full amount – has been paid, the bill will be as follows:

Collecting Payments - Qoyod

Where the invoice shows the “Total” amount due minus the amount paid by the customer and the date of payment, so that the “Due Amount” is to be paid by the customer.