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Adding POS Users

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How to link the program to the POS application: 

You can add POS users and activate the POS feature for each user through the following steps:

  •  From the “Settings” dropdown menu, select “Users”.

Adding POS Users - Qoyod

  • After that, you will be automatically directed to the “Users” page where you can see all users who have been already added to Qoyod including the main user. In front of each user, you will find the “View”, “Edit” and “Delete” icons. By clicking on “Edit”, you will be directed to the “Edit User” page.

Adding POS Users - Qoyod

Notice: If you do not have users and want to add some, you can follow the steps on the “New User” Page.

  •  After that, to activate the POS feature, you must tick the box next to “POS User” at the bottom of the page. 

Adding POS Users - Qoyod

It is necessary to determine important points for each user: 

  • By clicking on “Save”, users will receive an email stating that they have joined the POS application for this organization. It, also, includes all instructions on setting their own passwords to access the POS application.

Now, the POS user has the authority to access the application and make sales that will be automatically synced with Qoyod. However, you cannot determine the revenue of each user separately, so far. To know the revenue of each user using the custom fields, click here. 

Through the “Filter” feature, you can track the revenue of each location in the income statement, determine the locations, and view the balance sheet of the location (the branch).