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Activating Payrolls Feature

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How to activate Payrolls:

To activate the payroll feature, you need to follow the steps below:

First: Onboarding

First, click on “Payrolls” from the main drop-down list, and then “Activate Features”.

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

Second: Select a schedule

You will see several different schedules (for offices, retails, factories) that you can choose from or click on “Create your Own” to set your own schedule. Make sure to click on “Continue” at the bottom to save your changes.

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

Third: Activate settings (clarify the details of the accounting features)

You will be automatically directed to the “Payrolls Settings” page, where you can fill in employee information, including salary details of bonuses, deductions, allowances, and insurances. 

Salary Components:

Employee Liabilities: Select the “Accrued Salaries” account that is included under current liabilities.

Based on the employee data, determining whether an employee’s salary is a “Direct Cost” or “Overhead” depends on the employee’s position.

For more clarification:

  • Direct costs: are the items that are directly spent on the product and are easy to customize such as factory worker salary.
  • Expense account (Salaries and Wages)
  • Overhead costs:  it is difficult to customize or link them directly to the final product such as salaries of administration manager and accountants
  • Expense account (Salaries and Administrative Fees)
  • Bonuses and Deductions: the appropriate account is determined by the organization’s policy.

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod


Adding employee insurance details:

The insurance account and its ratios depend on the insurance system in Saudi Arabia. Other types can be added through the drop-down list for “Payrolls”“Employees”“Insurances”, where you need to determine the following:

Liability account: Insurance Liability Account

Expense account: Insurance Expenses Account

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

Payment cycles: 

It is to determine the time of delivery of salaries. Select what suits the organization and click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

By completing this step, we have completed the basics of activating the “Payrolls” feature, and the information can be modified later through the main menu – “Settings”“Payrolls Settings”.

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

Then all payroll-related pages will be activated:

Start with the list of the organization’s employees by filling in all the top tabs (Personal Info, Employment Details, Associated Documents)

Activating Payrolls Feature - Qoyod

The allowances, deductions, and insurances entered into the system are automatically calculated every time when salaries are delivered.

When you complete filling in all the information, click on “Save” at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

For more information about adding employees, click here.