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About POS system and App

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Qoyod makes it easy for entrepreneurs to monitor their sales directly, so they can view the live performance of their shops wherever they are. Users can use Qoyod app or Qoyod website from any device. Qoyod POSQoyod’s POS app – like everything else on Qoyod – is easy to use. It has been meticulously designed to ensure the easiest and best experience of use. It is easy to install and does not require to be wired to other devices such as printers and cash box as they can be connected to the app via Bluetooth. The application, also, is compatible with Android system and supports Arabic and English.


The POS app from Qoyod saves the cost on projects’ owners because all their operations at the POS are synchronized with the accounting program. It, also, substitutes for accountants as Qoyod will perform the accounting tasks automatically. In addition, the application works even with weak or intermittent Internet connection and all the operations that are synchronized with Qoyod will be saved once the Internet connection is restored.

About the POS system: 

Qoyod synchronizes with the POS system using the POS application so that employees in the different branches can easily create invoices with specific steps set by the main user. These invoices are transferred to Qoyod and will be directly reflected on reports. The POS plan is what makes your sales directly synchronized with the system, and it works with the invoice printer and cashier machines.


About the POS application:

This application is provided to subscribers of the POS plan and is used to synchronize the sales of shops with Qoyod so that all these sales and operations are reflected in the accounting system so that the main user can follow up on these shops directly.

POS application features:

  • The POS application synchronizes with Qoyod where user inputs are automatically transferred to the system and will be reflected on reports directly.
  • Each employee or branch is assigned a user, who can be distinguished by the title of the activity.
  • It provides specific permissions for the POS user to ensure the highest degree of security.
  • It has the feature of selecting POS customers from the customers’ page, as data of customers who are not selected will not appear on the application.
  • It has the feature of determining the maximum limit of discounts that POS users can offer to customers.
  • It has the feature of determining which payment accounts can be used by POS users.
  • It has the feature of defining the locations that can be used by POS users.
  • Employees can easily create invoices based on the items and products entered by the main user in Qoyod.
  • It can be connected to thermal printers and barcode readers.

Who could benefit from the POS application?

The POS application helps to create quick invoices for shops with various activities, such as the following:

  • Supplies 
  • Salons 
  • Gift and flower shops 
  • Bakeries
  • Retail stores like clothes stores

Subscription price for the POS plan: 

  • Down payment of 2400 riyals annually or 250 riyals to be paid monthly.
  • An unlimited number of invoices.
  • An unlimited number of Qoyod users.
  • The plan includes two users of the POS application. You can add more users for 500 riyals/user annually.