Cloud Accounting software
made for the industrial and maintenance sector​

Qoyod the easiest cloud accounting software for the industrial and maintenance sector. Whether you own a workshop or a factory, Qoyod’s easy to use and intuitive cloud accounting solution will help you run your business with efficiency and ease, to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts.

Useful tools for your maintenance and industrial business

In the maintenance and industrial business, you need to monitor the operations of each factory or workshop individually, prepare reports, and more! Experience the growth and expansion of your business with Qoyod using suitable tools for you.

Simple steps for adding products and services

It can then be easily added and the details of the service can be easily viewed when you specify it as a product type.

Monitor the operations of each factory or workshop individually

The seller can subsequently identify the desired factory or workshop when he issues his own receipt after creating a custom field in the Additional Fields feature. On the Income Statement report page, Custom Field Analysis lets you analyze each field entry for a detailed view of each project’s costs and revenues.

Transfer your product from one location to another

You can transfer products between inventories or branches using the Inventory Transfers feature offered by Qoyod.

Additional details to better organize your work

You can create and implement additional fields based on your needs, in these categories: Customer list, Vendor list, Manual Journal Entries, Products, Sales invoices and quotes, and purchase orders and purchase invoices. An income statement report’s Custom Field Analysis analyzes each entry.

Your organization’s reports are updated instantaneously and consistently

It’s easy for you to stay informed on your organization’s financial status because you can find all of your updated financial reports in the reports section.

Specify the workshop or factory for a product and service

Add your products or services to the online store, and specify the branch where the product or service will be available. Your products can be more easily managed and organized with this feature.

Manage and adjust your inventory through Stock Takes

You can perform Stock Takes with Qoyod to acquire more products without having to incur expenses or to decrease defective or returned products. Check the ‘Product Location Summary’ report on the reports page to easily stock your inventory.

Get to know your customers by creating a customer database

You can collect the data of your customers and view their purchase history, as you are allowed to record the information of each customer, and know the total amounts paid and due, you can also export or import the list of customers

Maintain a long-term relationship with your vendors

You can reach your vendors and suppliers easily by creating a supplier database.

The reports of your firm are continuously and instantly updated

You can find all your organization’s updated reports on the reports page so that you can monitor your financial reports easily.

Provide your employees with full or limited access to Qoyod

Users can be given privileges such as reading, creating, deleting, or approving according to their positions in the facility. As a result, there are pages hidden from users who are not authorized to view them.

Combining multiple products with multiple costs

As a convenience, the combined product and cost feature allows you to combine multiple products and costs under one product name so that you can enter them in a single step.

Issue discounts to your loyal customers easily

When you create the receipt, apply the discount percentage so the total amount will automatically calculate after the discount has been applied.

Reward your employees based on their sales performance

When you create a custom field using the Additional Fields feature to specify the names of the service providers in an invoice, you can track and analyze each employee’s sales performance by using the Custom Fields Analysis report.