Data Retention

We will retain your responses to the survey as long as you did not ask to remove them. You have the right to request for your responses of previous surveys to be removed after starting this survey by clicking on “privacy & data security” in the survey footer.

Use of Data

Any information provided during responding to the survey is used only for the survey purposes and to enhance your experience with us. There is not a direct link between your responses of the survey and the personal identification data (e.g.personal name, company name, job title & phone number) as reporting of the responses would be done on the total level.

Sale of Data

Qoyod does not sell your personal data. Qoyod uses a third party system to collect and process your responses to the survey, however data collected through the survey is owned solely by Qoyod. The third party system will never share any information uploaded to the system with any parties.

Contacting Individuals

We may share your personal identification data (e.g. personal name, company name, job title & phone number) with our internal team to contact you for more details on your survey purposes and enhancing your experience, but this will never happen unless your consent is given during the survey. Without your consent, your personal identification data would not be shared with the internal team.