Cloud Accounting Software made for the Construction Sector​

Qoyod the easiest cloud accounting software for your contracting business. Qoyod’s easy to use and intuitive cloud accounting solution will help you run your business with efficiency and ease, to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts.

Tools that will serve your construction business

Whatever your business type is, Qoyod has the tools for it. Our easy to use cloud accounting software is designed to serve different sectors and business types, in an easy and efficient manner.

Adding products with simple steps

After determining your product and it’s type, you can easily add it in the products section and record it’s details.

Combining multiple products with multiple costs

For your convenience; you can combine multiple products and multiple costs through the bundled product feature to create a combined single product under a distinct name, so you can incur them with a single step in an invoice.

Get to know your customers by creating a customer database

You can collect the data of your customers and view their purchase history, as you are allowed to record the information of each customer, and know the total amounts paid and due, you can also export or import the list of customers

Keep in touch with your vendors and build a long term relationship with them

You can reach your vendors and suppliers easily by creating a supplier database


Your firm’s reports are updated instantaneously and consistently

You can monitor your financial reports easily, as you can find all your updated organization’s reports in the reports page.

Grant your employees full or limited access to Qoyod

The user privileges feature allows you to add a position to each employee in the facility with certain privileges such as reading, creating, deleting, or approving. Permissions are set for each page in the program, which means that there are pages hidden from the user if they are not authorized to see them.

Cost Centers

Track and compare your project profitability or product sales or commissioning sales. This feature provides a real-time view of how all your jobs are tracking financially. This means you can make informed decisions and drive profitability.


Track the performance of a current project

After creating the custom additional fields for each project, each field entry can be analyzed in the Custom Field Analysis report in the Income Statement report page, to view the cost and revenue of each project