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View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills

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Viewing, printing, paying, and deleting bills:

You can view, print, pay, or delete bills by selecting “Bills” from the “Purchases” dropdown menu.

View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod

You will then be automatically redirected to the “Bill” page.

View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod

Through “Action” shown in front of each bill, you can:

View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod

  • View: To view the bill 

  • Print: To print the bill

  • Download PDF: To download the bill in PDF format

  • Payment: To pay the bill either by creating a “New Receipt” or “Use Old Receipt” in case you have not paid the vendor yet.

  • Clone: To copy the bill with the same details

  • Delete: To delete the bill “if it is not linked to a receipt”

If you wish to pay a bill to the vendor, you can select the relevant “Bill” and click on “Payment” to get it paid. 

There are two ways to pay bills:

First method: “Payment”> “New Receipt”

Select “Payment” and you will be automatically directed to the “Capture Payment” page where you can create a “New Receipt” and the list shown below will appear. You will be able to select the “Account” and specify the “Amount” you want to pay, and the “Outstanding Balance” will be calculated automatically.

View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod

Second method: “Use Old Receipt”

They are the receipts that have been previously added to the vendor through the “Vendors Receipts”. Click here for more details.

You can allocate vendor receipts partially or completely to bills. You can, also, allocate “Unused” debit notes to the bill to reduce its amount.

View/Print/Pay/Delete Bills - Qoyod