View/Edit/Delete Customers

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  • Preview Customers

After entering and saving customer information, you will be automatically directed to the “Customers” page

If you want to view a customer’s data, you can click on “View” to go to the customer’s details page. This page allows you to review the most basic customer data in addition to the amounts due and overdue for this customer.


  • Modifying customers

You can modify a customer’s data by clicking on “Edit”. Then, you will be automatically directed to the “Edit Customer” page where you can edit the previously entered data.

  • Deleting customers

You can delete a customer from “Customers” by clicking on the “Delete” icon, after deleting is completed. If a window appears indicating that you are unable to delete the customer, that is because there are invoices related to the customer. You must first delete all previously entered customer invoices in order to be able to delete them from “Customers”.