Export/import Vendors Lists

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  • Exporting Vendors List:

You can export and transfer vendors list, including all their data, through “Export Vendors”. Once you click on the icon, the list will be downloaded as an Excel file.

  • Importing / Uploading Vendors List:

This feature is useful as it allows you to import vendors list and upload it to Qoyod program by clicking on the “Import Vendors” icon shown below.


You will be directed to the “Import Vendor From Excel Sheet” page. In case you do not have an Excel file that includes vendors data, you must follow the steps below:

First step: Download XLSX, where an Excel file will be uploaded as shown in the image below.

Second step: Fill in all your vendor’s data in the Excel sheet as indicated in the columns.

Last step: Save the Excel sheet and then re-upload it to Qoyod program through the “Import” icon. Thus, vendors lists with all their data will be uploaded.

You can check the status of Vendors Payments whether “Outstanding” or “Overdue” by visiting (the dashboard link)