Cloud accounting software made for the Food and Beverages sector

Qoyod the easiest cloud accounting software for restaurants and coffee shops. Our easy to use and intuitive cloud accounting solution will help you run your restaurant or cafe with efficiency and ease, to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts.

Expand your cafe or restaurant with these features of Qoyod

In restaurants or cafes, you need to monitor your branches individually,  build a database of your customers and vendors, track each branch’s performance, and more!  Experience the growth and expansion of your business with Qoyod using suitable tools for you.

Adding products with simple steps

After determining your product and its type, you can easily add it to the products section and record its details.

Combine multiple ingredients to create a single product

Using the Bundled Products feature you can combine multiple products ‘ingredients” to create a single product, for example combining milk and coffee to create a latte, so you can easily add the product to the receipt with a single step.

Prepare the number of expected orders

You can assign and prepare the orders and their amounts using the Production Orders feature where you can add a new order to prepare and supply a new bundled product, according to the quantities expected to be sold during a specific period.

Track your employee’s performance

After creating a custom field from the Additional Fields feature to specify the service provider’s names in an invoice; you can track and analyze each employee’s sales performance through the Custom Fields Analysis in the income statement report.

Monitor your branches, individually

The locations feature allows you to add multiple stores and inventories and allocate their distinctive locations in Qoyod’s system, so you can efficiently manage your different stores, branches, and inventories.

Keep in touch with your vendors and build a long term relationship with them

You can reach your vendors and suppliers easily by creating a supplier database.

Your firm’s reports are updated instantaneously and consistently

You can easily monitor your financial reports, as you can find all your updated organization’s reports on the reports page.

Allocating a product’s location

You can easily assign a significant location whether a branch or a warehouse for your different products.

Transfer your product from one location to another

Qoyod provides you with an Inventory Transfers feature that allows you to transfer products from one inventory or branch to another based on demand.

Grant your employees full or limited access to Qoyod

The user privileges feature allows you to add a position to each employee in the facility with certain privileges such as reading, creating, deleting, or approving. Permissions are set for each page in the program, which means that there are pages hidden from the user if they are not authorized to see them.