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Innovative Accounting for Tech Companies

Tech companies move fast, and so does Qoyod. Our cloud accounting software is designed for startups, IT companies, and software developers, offering features that support rapid growth and innovation.

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R&D Expense Management

Track and manage your research and development expenses easily, ensuring your tech company can innovate while keeping finances in check.

Subscription Revenue Recognition

Automatically recognize and report subscription-based revenues in compliance with accounting standards, perfect for SaaS and other subscription-model tech businesses.

Scalable Infrastructure

As your tech company grows, Qoyod scales with you. Manage multiple projects, currencies, and international transactions seamlessly, supporting your expansion at every stage.

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Integrate your favorite tools with Qoyod.

Connect ClickUp to over 1,000 app with native and third-party integration.Access your scheduling and messaging apps,cloud storage, and more in one place.

Qoyod Tahseel

Speed up your cash cycles with efficient collections, reducing the average time outstanding invoices remain unpaid, thereby improving your business’s liquidity and financial health.

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Qoyod Lend

Access funding to fuel your tech innovations and growth with Qoyod Lend, providing flexible financing options for tech companies.

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Qoyod Bookkeeping

Streamline your tech company’s financial management with comprehensive bookkeeping, from R&D expense tracking to revenue recognition.

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