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Qoyod for Different Sectors

Sectors Of Qoyod Cloud

Retail Sector

You can integrate your store with Qoyod, sell your items separately or in groups, also you can add custom fields for every seller and delegate.

Construction Sector

Qoyod grants you to add and edit reports automatically using any device, anytime, and anywhere, you can also track your expenses, revenues, project authorities, or status (public or private), and your clients’ advance payments.

Service Sector

Choose the services you need for your project or company using Qoyod, you can also integrate with different types of clients and add costs and benefits for every project.

Rentals Sector

Tailor your renting services such as renting cars or electronics, you can also add custom fields to specify the lessors or the date of renting and returning items.

Legal Sector

Create and edit detailed legal invoices for every client, such as creating invoices for consultations and pleadings and integrate every case with its lawyer using the custom fields property.

Tech Sector

Select your product’s type, such as services or recipe, and integrate it into the sales invoices, you can also determine the profits of each project separately.


Qoyod allows you to integrate with thousands of local and international applications to automate your business

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Monthly subscription SAR 199 /Month

+30 SAR/Month VAT

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POS +40 SAR/Month